Units and Unit Shards




  • Lasagnut

    It won't let me remove a unit, i drag it to the right and it won't go into its slot. Very frustrating not being able to remove a unit

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  • Genard Thomas

    Hey developer. The game is great and I'm pretty much hooked on the play cycle. However I do have a few ideas that would ultimately help improve your game.
    1. If you were to add a feature where we can receive a more detailed information about the Army Troops. For example the "Battle Wagon" it took me about 3 months to realize that the Troops inside matches the level of the wagon and not the individual troop level having a page in-game explaining in details what each troop does and their values such as movement speed and the values of the the Battle drummer, Druids, and healer buffs/heals ect
    2. If you were to add a replay function it would go a long way. Sometimes I lose a fight and want to see what exactly I can do to improve but there is no way of going back to review

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