Unit X is too strong and unit Y too weak, please fix them!



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  • Liam

    Currently having Cannoneer and Ancient tree in my setup. The problems I came across are:
    1. The projectiles from my cannoneer cannot penetrate and pushback enemy units bound by the Tree but somehow enemy cannoneer can shoot through bound units and penetrate my defense.
    2. Arcane blades can jump freely and cause damages across units despite being bound by the tree which literally against the meaning of being bound.
    3. When comparing against other mythic units the tree seems underwhelmed when they can only bound certain number/ type of units with really low damage.
    4. Probably not the first one who complains about Assassins but yes they a tad too strong, especially with Strike and Speed stones. 3 squads would pretty much wipe out any defenses.. i would think of reducing their invisible period and if 1 unit detected the whole squad should be visible.

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